"The Room on Rue Amélie", by Kristin Harmel

The Room on Rue Amélie - Kristin Harmel

This is a touching story about the struggle to find normalcy during the horrors of WW11. Based on true events the tale is said from three voices in a very emotional tone. It is mainly about three lives that became interconnected by the War and the friendships that came out of it.

First we are introduced to Ruby Henderson who is swept off her feet by handsome Frenchman and relocated to Paris, till one day the war changed everything. The second narrator is 11 year old Charlotte Dacher, Ruby’s young Jewish neighbor. The war literary ripped apart her world. The third narrative comes from an attractive RAF pilot Thomas Clarke who after being shot down over the sky of France came knocking on Ruby’s door. Fate brought these three together as they fought against the Nazis….

Bring out your box of tissues this story is a tear jerker. It is quite easy to imagine oneself in the shoes of one of the characters. The story is filled with details and heart-wrenching emotion. The words are said with love, selflessness and mainly courage. This story is an absorbing tale of people willing to risk everything for freedom and of the wonderful people that would do anything to help. Even during hard times there is still good in humankind. It is quite easy to be drawn by the characters and what happens to them ……you may have to dip into your tissue box on many occasions……..Well-written, excellent characterization and a unforgettable storyline. 

I received this ARC from Simon & Schuster Canada via NetGalleys for my honest thoughts