"Dangerous Perceptions", by Stuart Murray

Dangerous Perceptions: The Road To Nowhere - Stuart Murray
The Road to Nowhere 

I had “The Road to Nowhere” on my TBR list for a very long time, a book I had downloaded a few years back from Amazon. After I had read more than half the book my friend asked if I was reading the latest edition…the book had been completely revised. I usually do update when I noticed them although here I cannot be certain I did…. So with this in mind my review reflects the edition I had in hand….

The story in a few words:

Former Marines Steve Tait and Jeff McCrae decide to rekindle the romance they’d once had with their wives, Karen and Shauna. A peaceful drive from Omaha to the quiet town of Whitefish turns into a battle of life and death when they become victims of road rage from Wayne Jackson.

My thoughts:

What I liked:

“The Road to Nowhere” is mostly a gripping and adrenaline-pumping thriller. Mr. Murray’s imagination depicts brilliantly his diverse characters. Each are well thought out and through their eyes we are able to experience the confrontational and disturbing scenes they encountered. Whitefish is a town full of maniacal bullies and this thriller shows what happens when they come up against well trained former marine with PTSD. The story doesn’t stay there we go deep into Steve’s past and other problems that haunts his minds…back to the firing zones of Iraq and Afghanistan and the troubles his memories brought into his marriage. 

This is chilling tale of suspense, an action packed drama that explores the darkest desires and highest of hopes. To describe this story in a few words: a wild ride where people are swept up in one clash after the other…… “Dangerous Perceptions”, could have been a very captivating read if it was not for……

What I didn’t like:

What spoiled the experience is how terribly the chapters meshed together. It was as if a flash of darkness happened and in the next chapter you are reading a totally different topic. I wondered too often if my mind had been someplace else and if I had missed something. Too many chapters have no resolution again leaving you wondering what happened to the players and how they managed to pull through. Although the story is good for most parts, I think it touches too many subjects. It may have been better to stay more focussed on one or two at the most…..