"The Terrorist Next Door", by Sheldon Siegel

The Terrorist Next Door (A David Gold / A.C. Battle Mystery Book 1) - Sheldon Siegel

This is an action packed thriller from beginning to end. Someone is placing bombs in cars and then detonating them with untraceable cellphones striking fear in the heart of Chicago. Wrigley Field station, Millennium Park, the Museum of Science and Industry, O’Hare Airport, Hyde Park train station have been targeted. The bomber has shut down a major US city.

Comes detectives Gold and Battle on the hunt across Chicago’s colorful neighbourhood for what they believe is a “long wolf” but this “terrorist” has an agenda up his sleeves and plays a taunting cat and mouse game with Chicago’s finest.

Enjoy this book for what it is: a captivating suspense of improbable moves: a wicked plot that unwraps at a rapid speed and two Detectives always one step behind the killer. Bombs are bursting everywhere, this is so well described you can see and feel this happening and you almost smell the aftermath, tremendously well written action scenes. The author definitely spins a good yarn that held me spellbound and interested from the first page. The suspense is undeniable. Keep guessing, the usual suspects are there but the ending may surprise you……The characterisation is great: well-defined and portrayed cast of players. Gold and Battles are likeable detectives and I hope they return soon to entertain us.

This story is in many ways scary, could this really happen? Could one person cause all this mayhem and shut down a city? 

“The Terrorist Next Door” is a great read.