"High Noon in Hollywood", by Warren Adler

High Noon in Hollywood - Warren Adler

When Mr. Adler asks book reviewers to read and post their thoughts on his latest book he surely could count on me to volunteer. I cannot pass over any of his books: they are unpredictable, so diverse in topics and style. I simply love how generous this prolific author is: a book in exchange for a post.

“High Noon in Hollywood” is the story of Zane Galvin, a failed producer that is so deep in debt he would go to extreme to raise the money. At the heart of the plot is his scheme to get out of trouble and the wicked game that came out of it. This story is all about blackmail, betrayal, greed and the machinations of Hollywood.

I have mixed feelings about this story, way too predictable and rather slow moving for my tastes. I could visualize miles ahead what would happen next. I guess the idea of becoming a sewer rat, making tunnels to reach the vault of a bank is not a new idea at least in my book. We saw this numerous times always with a similar outcome, nothing original here. The players are the run of the mill, none really stood out. 

Having said this, the story is well-done in imagery and effect. This is a fun read but no more. Unfortunately this latest is not my preferred book in Mr. Adler’s huge library but I still enjoyed passing time reading it. Some books you like and other a little less…..