"Jackson Hole: Uneasy Eden", by Warren Adler

Jackson Hole, Uneasy Eden - Warren Adler

This is a collection of fictional short stories based on Mr. Adler’s experience as a long-time resident of little town nestled in the heart of the most beautiful mountain in Northwest Wyoming, the Grand Tetons. 

In each of the stories we find insights in what has happened by the modern invasion of folks to the area. Resorts have sprung rapidly and a new way of life came with it. Their presence brought clashed with the long cherished western customs. We can feel through the stories how the modern life has disrupted and turned their quiet world upside down. Wealth and the modern life changed things for ever.

You can find many editions of this book published over years, the first in 1997. I can only presume the stories are all the same. I am reviewing the version that has been sent to me by the author this past month. 

Each chapter is about a family that was born or moved to Jackson. Their stories are well-crafted and interesting albeit maybe a bit disturbing. A full range of emotions is brought to life to showcase how the valley’s culture was transformed by the constant pressure imposed by the new arrivals. Each of Mr. Adler’s fiction dissects Jackson Hole spectacular patina, its people and its tradition. Although considered short stories, everyone is long enough to have moved me to the core. I do feel sorry for the loss of life style but things changes. For the better or worst depends where you stand.