"Cosega Search", by Brandt Legg

Cosega Search - Brandt Legg

Book # 1, in the Cosega Sequence

This techno-thriller is a bouillabaisse of Indiana Jones, Cotton Malone and Colton Banyon all in one. This captivating mix of intrigues inevitably makes an exciting drama to enjoy.

Ripley Gaines, is a brilliant archeologist who spends is life searching for an elusive artifact to prove his controversial theory. His latest discovery will change the future of the planet……

Creatively written to engage us, this fast paced saga is quite a page turner from its opening pages, one that holds attention till you reach the last page. After all, add a bit of religious and scientific tone, some bad guys and good guys, lots of chases and bing- bang you can only be in one of those exciting read. If you do not takes this story too seriously and let yourself go with the long chase sequence you will be flipping pages at a rapid pace to catch up…The characters are likeable, the political tits-bits interesting, and the expedition is filled with brilliant imagination making an enjoyable read.

I would have given “Cosega Search” flying colours if it were not for the ending…..there isn’t any….you need to get the sequel…hate that…