"A Dubious Plan", by Gerald J. Kubicki

A Dubious Plan - Gerald J. Kubicki

Book #5, in the Colton Banyon Mysteries

If you want an amusing and a fun read you will be well served with this series. No problem to start at any point, each book has a unique drama and just enough background on the characters to situate us so that we can enjoy the moment without being overloaded with pass information.

In, ”A Dubious Plan”, Colton and his sidekick Loni are called to Death Valley to attend a wedding. But when a WW11 German plane is found in the sand dunes things changes….fast.

Don’t take this story seriously it is pure escapism from reality and very entertaining. The tempo is steady and holds its own all through, actually it never let go. The characters are a bit shallow, especially the female roles. I been stating this for a good part of the series, sexuality and the women insecurities and appearances are too often repeated…Naked brainless women catering to sex starved men is rather annoying (no explicit sexual scenes )…... Passing beyond the sexual innuendos and the frivolities the plot is an intriguing adventure. Most of Mr. Kubicki’s stories have a bit of mysticism and cynical humour mixed with a little bit of history…The author’s notes at the end of the book tells us what triggered his inspiration to write this story.

This book may be the latest I have read but actually I have read all of the books written to date by the Kubickis.