'A Murder Among the Pines", by John Lawrence Reynolds

Murder Among the Pines - John Lawrence Reynolds

Book #3, in the Maxine Benson Mystery

This suspenseful crime fiction is a “Rapid Reads” easy on the eyes. Its 150 pages (paper version) can be read in one setting: small pages and good size font and a style meant for young adults. This story is not taxing.

Maxine Benson, police chief in a small town, sets out to solve the murder of her ex-husband’s new girlfriend.

This is an entertaining and well-written drama that unfolds nicely. Not being my first “Rapid Reads” I knew that the plot would be too short and would come to a quick resolve and that the characterization would also lack development (not enough time) to do so.

Having said this “Murder Among the Pines” has nevertheless a captivating plot within the limited pages, a simple story yet not boring and one that stayed true to the characters.

I received this ARC from Orca Book Publishers via the Early Reviewers Program.