"The Cab Driver", by Ty Patterson

The Cab Driver - Ty Patterson

Book # 7, in the Warriors Shorts

“The Cab Drive”, the best in this series is a thrill to get into. From the opening page till the very end I was totally immersed in this fast paced drama of only 87 or so pages. This is a very addictive mini-series.

The cab driver which true identity is only reveal in the last page follows his code of ethic of helping others. This time in get involved in the personal lives of two women passengers and by doing so becomes a target….

Of course this is a fast read filled with suspense and packed with intriguing action sequence. What a page-tuner and an exciting plot this one is. I loved them all but this one is my preferred. The main players are great characters of course the cab driver is one of the primary cast member in the main series and the two women play perfectly their roles in this thriller….Awesome series….

This is a perfect mini story to read on your phone while waiting for someone….Hopefully Mr. Patterson will in the future write more of them.