"Death Club", by Ty Patterson

Death Club - Ty Patterson

Book #9, in the Warriors series

Another good read for fans of Mr. Patterson and those who like action thrillers. Although this may be part of a series, the story stands well on its own. We do have some backstory in order to situate us and understand the characters but it is neither over bearing nor boring.

The plot is good with plenty of action. When Zeb came across a body in the high desert of Oregon he called the authorities who took over the investigation. When he met the dead man’s daughter he couldn’t leave things to others and decided it was time to find those behind the killing…..At the time Zeb didn’t know of the Death Club and who was behind this illusive club…..he soon found out and things started to be exciting and we are plunged once again into one of those captivating story.

Action packed from start to finish this is a page turner. The plot is one of those easy and simple one to follow although there is a lot of stretching reality but put that aside and enjoy this nail biting adventure. I need to mention in this series we find the toughest men and women who have all the tools at their disposal. They always find themselves in unusual situations and they always offer the readers a hell of a ride….

Fun series