"The Cat Bagger's Apprentice", by C.J. West

The Cat Bagger's Apprentice (Marking Time) - CJ West

Making Time book #2

Mr. West is great at tricking his readers’ imagination by leading us in one direction knowing full well that it was a ruse all along. Mid-way some of us will surely think we have figured out where the story was leading but hold tight you are in for a surprise, at the last moment he always pulls a curve and the results are far from what we may have presumed…..

Since it is a recurring theme that follows “The End of Making Time” although preferable, I really do not think it is a must to read it first. Re-education of the criminal justice system has revolutionized America: where once caught, you are arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced all in one day. In book #2 we have the story of computer hacker, Jordan Voss and what happens to him once he is moved to a special apartment where everything he does is monitored.

Change perspective and you will enjoy this story. The premise has its own merits, is quite original and gripping most of the time. It is one drama that does not reveal itself until the very last chapter, great twist. The best part in this story is how we are pulled into the characters psyche, bad and evil they will make you think….

Of course this book has a weird concept of the justice system but seen through the eyes of an author with great imagination is something to think about although I really do not think it would ever happen….well I hope so.