"No Safe House", by Linwood Barclay

No Safe House - Linwood Barclay

No Time for Goodbye #2

This novel is a darkly and definitely a creepy thriller that brings rebellious 14 year old Grace Archer agreeing to joyride with her bad boy friend Stuart who happens to be the son of a man who works for underworld figure Vince Fleming. This evening prank turns out into something very dangerous bringing her whole family embroiled in Vince world….

Mr. Barclay’s fast-paced plot revolves around a competing gang of ruthless criminals who seem hell-bent on recovering a mysterious object that was in Fleming’s possession and will stop at nothing to get it. It is evident from the get-go serious crimes are at work, it opens with an elderly couple being killed during a home invasion. The plot continues and plays out with directness and ease from then on and never let go. Each character is slowly introduced with motives but Vince is by far the more complex who vastly outplays the other characters. 

This straightforward crime thriller is told from the perspective of Terry, Grace’s father. He is very chatty individual only interrupted by occasion burst of action. We also find some tough-guy dialogue manifesting itself from time to time to give a better effect. Yes the plot is tense and a little far-fetched. Some chapters end in a cliff hanger just so we have to carry on. It is indeed a page-turner. 

Some say read “No Time for Goodbyes” first, others say not necessary. I wasn’t lost not having read book 1 but this story piqued my curiosity to get it thought…

Good story