"Blood Reckoning", by Glenn Trust

Blood Reckoning (The Hunters #4) - Glenn Trust

Book#4, in The Hunters series

This 4th edition has an interesting plot, populated with vivid characters and a story that is nicely written to give us all thrills needed to keep us on our toes and flipping pages. The author does a good job with the descriptions of the locale and has created enough suspense in his story for us to stay involved in the nail biting action once it started.

This is not your classic mystery it is more a psychological thriller where two sides are constantly butting heads. The story skips back and forth between the main players: George Mackey, the law enforcer and Roy Budroe , the sadistic megalomaniac. Budroe wants control of the criminal activities including the sheriff position and he especially wants retaliation against George, for being forced to flee the country. With one thing in mind, Mackey will stays on Budroe’s tail ….till he eliminates him…….and the cat and mouse game is on….

Now that the war against the law has started in Pickham County, evil and crime culminate in a clash of good versus evil and tension is felt throughout the pages. As the story moves along at a slow but steady pace, Mackey along the way faces his personal demons but by the end only one will be left standing……. I will leave the rest of this drama for you to discover and enjoy.

Although it may have been some time since I read the previous book I never felt I had missed too much. The author doesn’t linger on the pass, he just says enough to situate us, no more. I always suggest reading series in sequence, no fear installment #4 can be read on its own if you decide to pick the Hunter series here.