"Zeb Carter", by Ty Patterson

Zeb Carter - Ty Patterson

Book #1, in the Zeb Carter series

This is a new series by Mr. Patterson that is quite promising. Although it may seem weird for those who are fans of the author’s main series to go back in time when Zeb Carter was a young man and not yet the head of his Warriors Enterprise, this spin off brings us deeper into Zeb’s character and straight into more suspense. Our protagonist in this return to the start is an ex- military who takes a secret rescue missing in Afghanistan and he does that single handed. Extracting three US soldiers from the hands of the Taliban alone is not an easy task. But this kind of challenge is what Zeb does best.

Reading how Zeb, the strategist, and how he goes about doing his task is a hectic read to say the least. This operative is not afraid to die and when he sets out to flush a Taliban warlord off the hills of a very hostile country there is not a minute of inaction. All hell breaks loose and there is a lot of violence as you can imagine. Fast-paced and tension laced ride we are in for from start to finish and the action never stops….who is going to be killed next….

This story may be your typical thriller where we have a mix of action, conspiracies, betrayals and lots of killing but how Mr. Patterson spins his tale is what set this story apart from all the others. “Zeb Carter” is definitely an edge-of-the seat read hard to put down. What a roller coaster ride Zeb gives us through the harsh terrains looking for the missing men while dodging the Taliban but the saga doesn’t end with the death of the insurgents there are those who conspired against him and knew of his covert mission to content with…..

Quite entertaining