"At Once", by John W. Mefford

AT Once (An Alex Troutt Thriller, Book 3) - John W. Mefford
An Alex Trout Thriller book #3

This book is part of the Redemption Thriller series

Who doesn’t like a mystery that is full of sass and suspense, Mr. Mefford provides plenty of it with this one. Even if it is part of a series “At Once” can be read on its own, although I always prefer reading books in sequel. No worries if you pick it up at this point, the author does introduce his characters without overwhelming us with their past, so we can easily slip into the drama and not be totally lost. It has been awhile since I read book #2 and I had no trouble getting into the swing of things……

At center stage is FBI Agent Alex Troutt. In the opening pages Alex is called out to investigate murders in the Boston area: someone is detonating bombs killing priests and targeting individuals. But her job doesn’t stop there she is also asked by FBI assistant director to go undercover investigating one of their own who may have ties to known terrorist…. Alex is one of those kick-ass Agents…. No more spoilers from me…..

Snail pace may be too fast to describe how this mystery moves along but having said this I do think we are given a suspenseful story with plenty of twists and turns to derailed us. A mix of well-defined characters: some charismatic good people and some colourful evil ones play their roles with a good doze of entertainment. The setting of the old city of Boston and its very well-traveled shady neighborhoods couldn’t be better including the visit to a pawn shop that brings a spin on its own. We also have a touch a humour and some almost burlesque moments to make us smile….

This book is dialogue driven from cover to cover. In alternate chapters, the investigators as well as the perpetrators do a lot of bickering and exchanges. In the long run I got tired of this and at time I simply tuned out. One of my pet peeves here…..the unnecessary repetitive dialogue. The second pet peeves: Unrealistic action. 

Most reviewers enjoyed immensely this book. It may not have been one of my favourites but this series is too good not to keep up with it.