"The Norma Conquest", by Warren Adler

The Norma Conquest - Warren Adler

Mr. Adler is at the top of my favourite authors list. His style is so diverse you never know what genre he will surprise us with next. In his huge varied library we find psychological and political thrillers, fantasy, romance, mysteries, comedy, family relationships, historical fiction, cozy and short story. Boy what a prolific author. I am happy to be one of his faithful fan and member of his reviewing team.

“The Norma Conquest” offers a brief view into the last hurrahs by a long time agitator and now a homeless activist in a battle to save a women’s shelter from being relocated. Norma is the underdog that will lead the fight against a tycoon and his partners till she gives her last breath. The story is both heartbreaking and joyous when Norma’s ill health brings her daughter Jenny back to her after years apart. Family bonds are stronger than we can imagine……

I love this story but it took time before I put things together 70 pages or so by then I slowly realized that I was being pulled into a captivating quest alongside Norma and Jenny to save the homeless women their home. This is a wonderful and extremely well written story that is played by well-drawn characters even the evil men are attractive. The rapprochement between mother and daughter is very touching, in the long run both reached the same vision and ideas but sadly it came too late…..A warning the narrative and dialogue are street jargon and we have a lot of the F words…..exactly what one would hear….well-done Mr. Adler this story was well worth passing time with.