"We are Holding the President Hostage", by Warren Adler

We Are Holding the President Hostage - Warren Adler
“We Are Holding the President Hostage” is a powerful tale of terrorism and revenge originally published in 1986. 

This title may be a dead giveaway but this book is nonetheless a high-octane thriller that has gripped me from the very start and kept me riveted till the last page and sometime after. 


When terrorists capture the daughter and grandson of a Mafia Don in Egypt, the Don cleverly insinuates himself into the White House and holds the President and his wife hostage.

Although basic, the plot is intriguing and well- done. The story takes place in the White House and the kidnapped hostages’ part is in the Middle East. The author skillfully keeps the tension going in this deadly game of bluff as the struggle between the two sides intensifies and the hostages are just plain pawns in a war of nerves. This is a mind game between the characters, a real cerebral chess match. This story excels in the contrast between the men and how they use their power over the other.

The style is clean cut, no profanity or sex scenes and as the drama progresses each character share their point of view on their situation as well as their feelings and fears… 

If you enjoy politically savvy action novel, this quick and fun read may be up your alley.