"No Return Address", by Gail Anderson-Dargatz

No Return Address - Gail Anderson-Dargatz

I received this Rapid Reads from Orca Book Publishers via the Early Reviewers Program for my thoughts.

Short and sweet, this large print paper book which also includes a preview of the author’s next book is just under 130 pages long. “”No Return Address” is a hearth warming story about how a family grows apart and what is necessary to bring them back together. 

Rhonda receives mysterious package in the mail from her mom who passed away the previous year. Curious she turns to people around her and along the way she makes new friends and reconnects with her brother.

I love those little books perfect to squeeze in when time is not on our side. Ms. Dargatz knows how in simple words make an impact that will make us think. Wouldn’t you also be curious? Although not very long the storyline is captivating and suspenseful and is said in a prose that is warm and down to heart. Well-done.

Rapprochement is a bigger gift that one can ever imagine….