"A Pitying of Doves", by Steve Burrows

A Pitying of Doves: A Birder Murder Mystery - Steve Burrows
A Birder Murder Mystery #2

This neatly constructed series is quite original intertwining avian with the classic whodunit and doing so in an entertaining way. This second book is a smart and absorbing read. With some series you need to read the novels in sequence, here I suggest strongly doing so otherwise you will need to piece the missing parts and back read…..( this is exactly what I have to do)…..

In book 2, we have more bird related murder and mayhem in which the author’s ornithological background shines. Chief Inspector Dominic Jejeune, an avid birder and lead investigator is called out at a gruesome scene at a bird sanctuary where a researcher is found dead beside the body of a senior attaché from the Mexican consulate. You would think this to be a cut and dry investigation but when Powers that Be want to squash any wrongdoing… things turns out not to be that simple……

To enjoy this mystery you need a certain suspension of belief. The story is a tightly woven plot where every twist seemed to relate back to birding. Of course being heavy on bird information I inevitable learn a good deal about doves. I love birds so more information did not bother me but if you do not maybe you should skip this series all together or maybe give it a try; you may change your mind.

The main character Dominic Jejeune is an extremely complex individual with deep secrets. He often ponders on things, what could trouble him so much….well this second story tease us even more by dropping some clues that say little and leaving us wondering if the sequel will reveal more… or not. The story progresses slowly and as it does I was trying hard to pin point the murderer, I never did work out the whodunit….I really thought it was someone else and certainly I am not alone reaching a wrong conclusion….Quite suspense in its own way “ A Pitying of Doves” is a good and entertaining read.