"Malevolent", by E.H. Reinhard

Malevolent (Cases of Lieutenant Kane Series of Police Procedural Novels Book 1) - E.H. Reinhard

Book #1, in the Cases of Lieutenant Kane

This story is very intense no doubt about it with its fair amount of gory descriptions and its suspenseful drama that keeps coming up no way any reader can say that “Malevolent” is boring. I was kept me on the edge furiously flipping the pages to see how it will end. …. This is one twisted story that may be somewhat realistic but is captivating to read….if you are into gruesome murders and police procedural this book is for you.

The main character, Lieutenant Kane, is a homicide detective from the Tampa police department and his day to day consist of decomposing bodies and hunting for murderers in order to remove them from the public. This first story is about a killer looking to make a name for himself by doing gruesome experiments on women. The media has dubbed him the Psycho Surgeon. Kane’s main focus is to get him before he kills again or before the case becomes far more personal…….

The killer’s point of view is soon said in alternate chapters as he goes about doing his draconian methods to alter his victims’ behavior. Not a dull moment and as the plot moves quickly along it is easy to be fast pulled into this top shelf drama filled with funny scenes to give us a break from all the mayhem and crime scenes. This is one riveting cat and mouse game that pins the bad guy against the good guy. 

I enjoyed the plot and its characters and to steal words from a reviewer “As thriller mystery goes, this one fills the bills in every way”