"The Ice Child", by Camilla Läckberg

The Ice Child - Camilla Lackberg

Fjallbäcka book # 9

I knew of this author but never had the pleasure to read any of Ms. Läckberg works till my friend gave me “The Ice Child” and I am glad she did now I can add another great author to my very very long list. 

Although this may be the 9th book in the series it can easily be read as a standalone the author gives us enough background to fill the gaps and for us to understand where the characters fit into this saga. This is an excellent “Nordic Noir” story that combines a chilling and heart-wrenching plot with the lives of the main players and the horrendous crimes being investigated. This book deals with a group of people in a pretty unpleasant way. 

“The Ice Child”, is set in the small Swedish town of Fjallbäcka and features Detective Patrik Hedström and his crime writer wife Erica Falck. The broad canvas is also filled with a huge cast of interconnected characters and I assure you it is quite a challenge to remember them all. Some may said this book has a fairly simple structure but I found the long chapters, the many threads in each chapter including flashbacks was difficult to get used to but once I got familiar with the style I enjoyed the plot much more and of course by then I was shaken by a steady escalation of suspense and sadism. Although this story may have taken some time to process it nevertheless kept me interested and on my toes till the very last page. This story is an insane page-turner once you are in the swing of things.