"High Crimes", by Libby Fischer-Hellmann

High Crimes - Libby Fischer Hellmann
5th book in the Chicago PI Georgia Davis Thriller Series

With the US establishment in mind Ms. Hellmann penned an exciting fiction that brings her protagonist to hunt down those who were responsible for the assassination of the Resistance leader at a demonstration.

In alternate chapters and with a progressive time frame this suspenseful story tells us how step by step Georgia plunged into the case and how the perpetrator was recruited and managed to pull this terrible act. Lurking behind the scene and between the lines we see the disturbing situation the US faces at the moment where democracy is being chip away by a flimflam leader. The author uses soft words to melt into her novel the present situation. News to me: there is actually a Resistance Group. In this story 42000 members and some have fake profiles in order to infiltrate the group for their own agenda. 

This story is suspenseful and well written to provide all the intrigue one wishes for. Georgia is a wonderful PI, she is not afraid of danger, treats and bruises are part of the job. We do have secondary characters in the right-wing wealthy elites, gunman, tough guys and Georgia’s family members who all play their role to a tee. Georgia’s family life is atypical and the story tells us how she manages to share both her professional and private life in a meaningful way. The plot is solid and realistic with no silly or graphic action. The drama moves at a steady pace and held me captive from the moment I opened the first page. 

Once again Ms. Hellmann has provided us with a page-turner that flows nicely.