"A Partridge in a Poison Pear Tart", by Leighann Dobbs

A partridge in a Poison Pear Tart - Leighann Dobbs

Lexy Baker Cosy Mystery book # 11.5

Grandmas playing sleuths at a retirement home after one of their own is found dead…murdered it seems by a cup cake….

I really don’t know when or where I got this book…it seemed it has been in my library for longer than it should have been….not totally my taste, a bit too simplistic but being short I think barely 50 pages it made for a fast read I didn’t mind adding on my phone. 

Grandmas helping detectives I doubt it but they were good at putting their noses where it did not belong and of course these old biddies solved the case for the poor detective that tried very hard to tell them politely to go play… bocce… shuffleboard or any other game old folks may play instead. 

Short and rather sweet, by far not literature but this little tiny story was so visual I still picture in my mind how these loveable ladies were dress, how they acted and the ways they acted. Cute and funny.