"The Shadow Killer", by Arnaldur Indridason

"The Shadow Killer" - -Arnaldur Indridason-

Book# 2, in Reykjavik Wartime Mystery

Against the backdrop of occupied Iceland with the American GI replacing the British Tommies “The Shadow Killer” will have Flovent, of the Icelandic CID paired with Thorson, an Icelandic-Canadian, investigating the murder of a travelling salesman killed in the head by a bullet from a Colt 45 and what remained of his forehead has a swastika dabbed in blood. But this case becomes more complicated when the dead man was misidentified and another travelling salesman may have been the suspected target.

The plot has two line of inquiry and we have a lot of interrogations going on with the detectives hectoring witnesses and suspects, maybe a little too much. The center theme is the “Situation” where young Icelandic women were forgetting their morals with young soldiers- here it is explored through Vera. The second theme explored is the interest of the Nazis as a super race a theory tested by Felix’s father on young Icelanders. These characters are important players in this mystery. As the story unfolds Flovent and Thorson are pulled further down the rabbit hole and the more their finding point to someone with military experience, the more turbulent their investigations become. This mystery veers one way then jolts in the opposite direction over and over again but the problem is that it takes for over to get going. To various strands are woven together and much territory covered before the case is solved. Interesting by the end if you have the patience to hang on……