"The Wrecking Team ", by Ty Patterson

Wrecking Team - Ty Patterson

Book#4, in the Gemini series

Beth and Meghan Peterson are at it again this time on their most baffling case, finding who is behind the attacks on a billionaire’s daughter.

Each book in this series is not very long around 200 pages thank goodness for that since there are endless action and more twists you can imagine thrown our way. Indeed the twins are good and are great side kick to Zeb Carter (the Warriors). These two have never lost a case they took on…no wonder they are superwomen. Angie the daughter is a hand full, a tantrum throwing heiress hard to control but Beth and Meghan can handle her and along the way find themselves in a gruesome game but they are not called the Wrecking Team for nothing and reading this story we find out why…

If you like unbelievable action, great characters, exciting and well-written plot doubled with never ending suspense, a developing cast of loveable characters including the amazing supporting staff, not forgetting the bad guys at their best, you will not be disappointed with the Gemini series. Each series written by Ty Patterson is interlaced so we have recurring characters helping each other in a game filled with snappy action with twists and sharp turns.

This fast paced action thriller is captivating to no end….loved it