"Valleys of Dry Bones", by J.F. Penn

Valley of Dry Bones - J.F. Penn
Book # 10, in the Arkane series 

Although this may be the 10th book in the series it can be read as a standalone. We are given enough background information to situate us without being overloaded with too much detail. Ms. Penn knows how to introduce her story with an expert penmanship and superb imagination.

This page-turning archaeological thriller explores at its fullest the two attributes the author is well-known to explore: the supernatural and occult. These two elements are blended into a religious mystery with an action adventure that is captivating from the start.

An ancient prophecy, an occult secret and the power to raise the dead is at the heart of this story. Voodoo symbols, secret society and a mystery that stretches to the Spanish Empire will have Jake Timber to New Orleans seeking for the Hand of Ezekiel but he will find out he is not the only one seeking the relics that can turn bones to living flesh. Morgan Sierra also plays a good role and with Jake they bring us on a fantastic journey that spans continents in their quest for the relics. Action driven, this story is very visual and also quite graphic not a dull moment throughout.

Ms. Penn does extensive research before she pens down a story and we see how her knowledge shines through her words once it comes to fruition. Once into her book you will be hooked. 

The plot is superb and well executed, the narrative is rich and flows smoothly and finally the characterization is well- drawn and appealing. 

This is another success, well-done Ms. Penn.

I received this ARC from the author for my honest and unbiased thoughts.