"At Dusk", by John W. Mefford

AT Dusk (An Alex Troutt Thriller, Book 5) - John W. Mefford
Book #5, in the Redemption Thriller series

Book #5, in the Alex Troutt series

This is another great addition to the series and a must read book if you are into a thriller that features a kick ass female FBI agent. Alex is a very tenacious individual at work and in her private life, a loving and caring single mother with friends she deeply loves, not putting aside that she also has a one of those dry sense of humour. Yes, you can start at this point but I would recommend reading this series in sequence. 

This is not a chick-lit with mushy romance but rather a dark story filled with action with many twists to keep us on our toes. In “At Dusk”, we have a sociopath on the loose terrorizing many in the Boston area. The action starts with Alex on the job investigating the murder of a woman who suffered the similar injuries to a 10 year old case the FBI has in file. Before things get out of hands and there are more victims…Alex needs to get to the bottom fast and get her man (woman). The story takes us in the mind of a serial killer while he hunts for his next catch….and in the head of Alex wanting to catch a predator at any cost. This scenario is played out by a strong cast of good and evil characters and is told from alternating perspectives including flashbacks. Mr. Mefford introduces these chapters smoothly and at the right time. We have a suspenseful and well-written storyline hard to put down. Meanwhile the saga continues on Alex’s home front….What a way to keep the series fresh and exciting…..the sequel “At Last” will bring a new chapter…..

The story is not taxing and is enjoyable to read, the language is clean and we are into a smooth sailing plot till the very last page…