"No Time for Goodbye", by Lindwood Barclay

No Time for Goodbye - Linwood Barclay

No Time for Goodbye, Book #1

This very suspenseful story revolves around the unexplained overnight disappearance of a teenage girl’s family. It open 25 years later with Cynthia Biggs, the long abandoned daughter still looking to solve the mystery in her life.

The book’s raison d’être is to disclose the mystery behind the disappearance and eventually solving the case. Mr. Barclay makes time for meticulous plotting, chapters are overflowing with details and no clue is left behind explanations. The narrator is Cynthia’s husband, Terry, who tries his best to cope with Cynthia’s tension went she is pushed over the edge after appearing on a TV show. She keeps on seeing things such as a recurring automobile, a stranger that looks like her brother, her father’s hat suddenly placed on the kitchen table. 

It may be a cliché to say that this novel is hard to put down, so true for me. This story has a great premise and a cast of people trapped in a terrifying situation. “No Time for Goodbye” has a large cast of characters, both past and present who plays parts in Cynthia’s life. I will spare you the details. Revealing too much will spoil both the journey of Terry has endured as well as the story’s conclusion.

This is one of those stories that kept me hooked from the beginning till the end. The development of the characters is so well-done I really felt for them. I love the way the plot sawed back and forth: Terry wracked with doubt questioning his wife sanity then rallying to her side. The language is relevant and reflects what the characters are not afraid to say. Some would say this novel has an adult theme for that reason.

This contemporary novel is fast paced and has the right amount of tension to deliver a neat and unexpected twist that makes this novel all worthwhile.