"The Sky Above Us", by Sarah Sundin

The Sky Above us - Sarah Sundin

Book#2, Sunrise at Normandy

This historical romance is sweet tale set at a time when ordinary men had to do extraordinary things, and when women first explored non- traditional roles. 

“The Sky Above Us” is a heart melting adventure history-filled second to “The Sea Before Us” where three brothers have their say. This time Lt. Adler Paxton takes center stage and we follow him while he is in England with the US 357th Fighter Group to battle the German Luftwaffe in 1943.

This story is also of Violet Lindstrom who serves in the American Red Cross where she arranges entertainment for the troops at the Aeroclub. Both are numbed by grief and harboring shameful secrets…..no need to expand you well know what comes next….

This story although has its suspenseful moments it did not quite resonate and I felt it dragged way too much. Adler is portrayed as the typical fly-boy who seeks forgiveness to become a better person and as the story moves on he of course with the help of Violet reaches peace of mind. Violet on her side is in charge of entertainment and we follow her on her day to day life entertaining kids and the troop while patiently waiting for Adler safe return to base.

Well done is the dog-fight over the skies of Normandy to clear a way for bombers and how Adler became an ACE. What particularly excels is how the story captures the turmoil and struggles of the time and the inner battles the two main characters face each day.

The author definitely did a lot of research and has provided a lot of details about flying planes and some military aspects of war. We also find a lot of spiritual aspects, biblical quotations and prayers throughout this story. Men prayed for their safe return home and women for their men to come back in one piece. This story is definitely a military romance with all the Christian elements we can have…

Received this ARC from the publisher Revell via the first reviewer program for my thoughts