"At Last", by John W. Mefford

AT Last (An Alex Troutt Thriller, Book 6) - John W. Mefford

Book #6, In Alex Trout and Redemption Thriller series

To enjoy this story I needed to put all sense of reality aside and let the action take hold and go for the ride, after all this is a thriller one of my favourite genre. Mr. Mefford has done it again and in my books “At Last” is the best one in this series by a long shot, so far….

Memories do more than haunt. They kill. Thirty years after losing a parent to a hit and run, Alex finally confronts the killer. The hunt takes her deep into the foothills of West Virginia… With Archie on board, Alex must out-think and out-smart a fanatical religious cult to get to the truth. 

This scenario will bring memories of Waco and those under the spell of fanatic leaders who brainwashed them. Known is that the followers suffered psychological abuse, sexual abuse, incest, torture…etc. all the while the Elders were stashing money away for a clean get away….Following Alex in her quest reminded me of the evils lurking in this world. It is so easy to be wrapped up in something when you are not happy. This story smoothly recreates the lives of those caught up in this terrible web and a daughter who will go to all means to get her mother back home. This story is an emotional journey hard to put aside…..

This 6th book gives us more information of how Alex grew up and why she is so determined to find her mother who may be alive and a member of a cult. 

The book starts fairly quickly and leads immediately into action and suspense, no doubts it is a grabber and a page-turner. Quite an intense scenario that is played out by a cast of great characters….Love this series and how it is slowly developing. 

Although this could be read as a standalone I highly suggest reading this series in sequence in order to follow Alex’s personal life.

Great series