"At Any Cost", by John W. Mefford

AT Any Cost - John W. Mefford
Alex Trout Thriller book # 8

Redemption Thriller book # 20

This edition begins where the previous left off and this latest is told mostly from Alex and Ozzie‘s perspective. The plot has a strong beginning; someone is holding a gun to Alex’s head…

Our protagonist once more faces new challenges finding herself in the middle of puzzling cases: someone is hacking ATM and dead bodies are turning up and witnesses are being murdered. If this is not enough to contend with Alex thinks there may be a connection to Ozzie protective custody in these cases….and if so this can be dangerous……

You must read this series in sequence to understand where the players come from and appreciate where the thriller leads us. We do not have much backstory to put us straight. 

“At Any Cost” is a suspenseful and entertaining read. The plot is well written and pulls you in from the start. The author lets us know a bit more about Alex and Ozzie and how they adjusting to life despite the tragedies they faced as both are now ready to most forward….but will Mr. Mefford let them do so…there is no conclusion here so let’s see in the next book if we will have one. 

Reading this book gives a good ride and does not disappoint. What is not to like: extortion, bombings and assassinations and Alex going off the books trying to stop a blood-thirsty group who wants control and pad their pockets…Shots fly, Alex and Ozzie try to escape death but where does this leads….How does everything fit together? … There is a betrayal …..by the end, a gun is pointed at Alex face…will this be her last day of life?....stay tuned… Oh yes, this is one of those books that leave us in a cliff-hanger….

Although I enjoyed this story a lot, it was not my preferred one in the series, at times the narrative seemed rushed and some of the action was not as strong as in the precedent novels. Having said this I still think this is not a book to miss out on.

I enjoy this series and can’t wait to see what Mr. Mefford has in store next.