"One More Degree", by C.J. West

One More Degree - CJ West

I agree with those saying this fantasy has a very original concept, is very inventive and is highly imaginative. But can it appeal to all…

My take in a nut shell:

Four people’ s souls now in their 72nd year in purgatory are waiting for the solstice to come so they can be reborn and start a life again. While they wait for the time to come they shape the lives of people they choose on earth to their liking: these poor lost souls are: Karma, Lady Luck, Destiny and Fate. The story is told through the eyes of Felix Lacroix (we only discover who he is by the end of the book) as he tells us chapters after chapters what games his pals pull on their targets to change the course of their life….

My thoughts:

Most reviews I read gave this story 5 stars, unfortunately it won’t from me. Ok I may be the odd ball here but at least I am being frank. Although I took the time to read all of it and by the end hated having spent so time on a story that I almost forgot before I had even turned the last page. 

Why did this story not gel for me: Too many chapters, one after the other told stories that were disjointed before finally a light came and things seemed to fall into place and the pieces of the puzzle finally matched. Too much time elapsed before I came to figure out that each chapter wasn’t a new story but actually a continuation of the previous spell Karma, Lady Luck, Destiny or Fate had placed on their subjects. Maybe I am not into fantasy….and not believing in the afterlife may also be the reason.

Now that you know I hated this book I must tell you Mr. West has a huge library of stories and I read a good selection of them in the past and have enjoyed most. This book may not have been my cup of tea but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give this one a go…who knows you may love it…..

You really need to change perspective or pass on this one. This is one book you either love or hate…..