"Terror", by Ty Patterson

"Terror" - Ty Patterson

Zeb Carter book # 4

I have been a member of Ty’s launch team for years now and I still love his stories. Ty has 5 well thought out series some ideas taken from his highly fertile imagination and some from current and past events. One thing they have in common: all are graphic and layered with thrilling action and played out with a great cast. With each thriller we see how close the members are with each other, and how they will go to no end if anyone of them gets in trouble. Zeb Carter takes center stage in the Zeb Carter series but the team is close by.

Each thriller has a fresh spin and is as exciting as the previous one. Ty hasn’t lost his touch in providing us a fast-paced, action packed and the many twists that make us relentlessly turning pages. It is also difficult to figure out how everything will turn out by the end. Although we do have many clues, the plot keeps us thinking and guessing till the very end. This latest is no exception. 

“Terror”, book #4, in the Zeb Carter series has a plot true in today’s world: all over the world single wolfs are sent to kill innocent people thus threatening the fabric of societies. Zeb Carter and his team need to thwart the actions of anarchists before it is too late….what follows is explosive action…..

This thriller certainly can be read on its own merits Mr. Patterson does give some background on his team to situate us without overloading the narrative with too many details. But as always I suggest starting with book #1.

I had a hard time putting this book down and zipped through it in no time. Well done Mr. Patterson and thank you for the ARC.