"The Killing Game" by Toni Anderson

The Killing Game - Toni Anderson

This is an enjoyable romantic suspense set in the mountainous region of north-eastern Afghanistan and tells the story of a snow leopard biologist (Axelle Dehn) who becomes the prey when cold war secrets threaten to expose a modern-day spy ring, and it is also of an elite British soldier (Ty Dempsey) who is forced to choose between his country and his heart. 

With flash-backs to the Russian occupation and terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland during the 1970’s the story sails smoothly through its mix of action, military manoeuvers, love and most of all danger. The rhythm is steady and the tone is chilling at times especially when Axelle needs to end the poaching of her beloved snow leopard. At the same time, Ty and his team are on the hunt for one of the most sought after Russian terrorist. And then their paths crosses….and we are into a harrowing fight for survival with many twists and turns to keep us on the edge of our seat.

The chemistry between Ty and Axelle is entertaining… really boy meet girl and awe love is the air…..nothing special….but hey it make for a good read. I admit Axelle got on my nerves at times….but she finally got her act together and I did not dislike her by the end. Ty, well he is the macho military and a guy in love with a damsel in distress who will go to no end to make sure she is safe…awe budding romance.

Overall this story is worth passing time with if you like a soft mystery with a tad of mushy romance…and accept the many clichés along the way you will also enjoy it….……