"Passport to Death", by Yigal Zur

Passport to Death - Yigal Zur

Book #2 in the Dotan Naor Series

The story in a few words:

Dotan Naor, an Israeli private investigator, goes to Thailand to find Sigal Bardon who has disappeared in Bangkok. Dotan is familiar with the city’s dark side and he knows in his search every path will be blocked but this will not deter him in his pursuit for Sigal Bardon. Dotan is one who specializes in rescuing missing young Israelis abroad.

My thoughts:

Dotan, this tough-talking Tel Aviv private eye narrates his story and his voice inevitably pulls you next to him as we follow him in his search for the missing woman. The dark and seedy side of the city is dissected in all its glory with sensual pleasures and all the corruption you can imagine. This drama is fast moving and is filled with gritty thrills which had me flipping the pages so captivated by Dotan’s pursuit of the elusive Sigal. Along the way he encounters a number of stock characters: a know it all cabbie, a matriarch madam, a drug boss and we learn everything we need to know about the sex and narcotics trade. As the search goes on I had no idea where things were going and if Sigal would ever be found but the suspense is in the uncertainty of no knowing…..and this is very well-done. The added flavour is the exotic locale which Dotan navigates and brings him to dead end bars, addicts with no way out and every form of crime. Things did not stop there, Dotan also goes to place where he has to confront the ghosts of the past…

This is an easy and fast read that delivers suspense cover to cover.

“Passport to Death” is Dotan second mission his first can be read in “ Death in Shangri-La”