"Always Look Twice", by Elizabeth Goddard

Always Look Twice - Goddard,  Elizabeth

Uncommon Justice #2

Harper Reynolds is the star in this soft suspense/modern day romance story and Deputy Heath McKade, a childhood friend, is called to keep an eye on our heroine.

In a few words:

Harper has traded her job as a crime scene photographer for the serenity of the outdoors in Jackson Hole Wyoming but things did not turned as she wished when she captured a murder being committed and had to flee the scene in fear….Now someone is out to silence her. When the sheriff’s department cannot find any evidence of the murder she had witnessed both Harper and Heath are determined to try to put pieces of the crime together and keep safe.

My thoughts:

I’m not a Romantic Suspense fan. This type has always been a hit or miss genre for me but since I read the first book I had to give this one a go. Mostly not my cup of tea but who knows curious as I am…..

This story drew me in at first with some of the exciting scenes but in the long run I found the tempo became lethargic and seemed to be turning in circle for many chapters till we reached the final pages where everything sprang into action and provided enough suspense with twists and turns and finally we had some excitement. Along the way, we have a scene or two that had me almost holding my breath…. (I let you discover them) Done beautifully is on concealing the identity of the “who” till the last moment. Leaving the fun for us to figure out who really was behind all this excitement.

The characters are interesting, likable and well rounded. Their struggles seemed real although I did get frustrated by how much they focused on the past but it was nice that they finally moved on by the end and allowed to find healing. Awe…. and a budding romance….

The story has a good message of faith, caring for people and second chances all said in a style that is clean and smoothly narrated to make it an easy and pleasant read.

“Always Look Twice” is a novel I both appreciated and enjoyed, I also struggled to keep my attention at bay but I failed to do so in too many places to say this novel was the best book I had read in a long time. But in whole, it is well-done.

I receive a copy of this book from the publisher Revell via NetGalleys for my thoughts.