"At Death's Door", by John W. Mefford

AT Death's Door  - John W. Mefford
Redemption Thriller #23

Alex Trout Thriller #11

Alex and Ozzie always have been the biggest magnets for danger even on a Hawaiian vacation they manage to find themselves in the middle of a deadly encounter with the Yakuza. The theme of this installment is kidnapping, corruption and murder. Who else but our two best protagonists could save the day.

Talk about a nail-biting and edge of your seat suspense. Most of the book holds the excitement as we follow these two discovering that not all who appeared friendly can be trusted….seems even the authority can be corrupted. This story has many twists and turns and trying to figure out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys has kept me guessing till the very end. This is a roller-coaster ride from start to finish.

What a master storyteller, Mr. Mefford knows how to draw you into his story line and never letting you go. He does an outstanding job of making you part of his protagonists’ world in a wild fast-paced way. So much going on: body parts washing up on shore, house blowing up, acquaintance being kidnapped, and fingers being chopped off…. Just a few macabre encounters….

To spice things up Brad Alex’s boyfriend shows up adding turmoil to a shaky relationship. More drama to absorb….and this is so well played out.

I love the story, I love the style, I love the characters but again I love a well thought out thrillers….Mr. Mefford delivers all of this. Well-done.

Mr. Mefford gives us hints that the Alex Trout series is coming to an end with the next installment. Although this will happen I am not worried. He has written sub-series in which characters from different book appear in other novels. Alex will still be active and there to captivate us….hopefully