"One Day in New York", by J. F. Penn

One Day In New York (ARKANE Book 7) - J.F. Penn

Book # 7 in the Arkane series

This story is a novella and stands well on its own. We have a religious aspect to this story but put that aside this is one great storyline. Ms. Penn knows how to bring her readers into the heart of her stories and gives us a thrilling ride with a supernatural edge. Her stories are fast-paced and weave together some ancient secrets, mystical possibilities and globetrotting protagonists beautifully.

We are in New York with Jake Timber back from his convalescence and eager to jump into action. In the Big Apple and assisted with Naomi Locasto they are sent to look into a case of a woman burned to a cross in downtown Manhattan. What follows is an adventure through the Big Apple’s underbelly where the duo face varied situations all more gripping than the previous one. The action is ceaseless and the thrills spellbinding. Ms. Penn excels in combining religious history into a compelling thriller.

This brilliant story is reasonably simple and provides us with a number of different layers giving it depth. At the heart of this story is the need to possess a magic vial, cure-all, a miracle potion sought after by a sick man trying to cure his ailment through the misuse of artifact and by the Arkane agents that want to stop him. Great characterisation as always and a warm narration only Ms. Penn can write.

Installment 7 is another wonderful thriller showing how Ms. Penn’s is a master in religious history and one accomplished storyteller.