"Akitada and the Way of Justice", by Ingrid J. Parker

Akitada and the Way of Justice (Akitada Stories) - I.J. Parker

Tales of crime in Imperial Japan

This book is a collection of eleven divers stories arranged in chronological order illustrating Akitada’s career, the author’s sleuth protagonist.

This can be a wonderful introduction through superb pieces of literature to the exotic world of ancient Japan and to the Sugawara Akitada Mystery series. On another note, if you have read part of the series it can be asset in filling in some of the protagonist missing years, a win-win situation for all. The author’s introduction of each section tells us when and where the drama took place and where it falls into the series. She also has skillfully condensed an action packed intrigue with an 11th century adventure into each of the eleven stories. All through the stories Akitada exceptional range of emotions plays an important part in setting the stage and outcome of each tale.

I am usually not a big fan of short stories, but in this case I will make an exception, the presentation is very well done.