"A Dubious Dream", by Gerald J. Kubicki

A Dubious Dream - Gerald J. Kubicki

Book 3, in the Colton Banyon Mystery


This was my introduction to the author as well as to the series although I started with this installment I didn’t felt cheated that I had missed the previous novels. This spin “à la Indiana Jones” is well done to stand on its own, a good fantasy travel through time and countries, integrating within its words historical figures and facts to pique our interest to the very last page.



Although the series is of Colton Banyon, he plays a minimal part here and disappeared in dream land right from the start. It opens when a whisper from Wolf, his ghost mentor, telling him to go to sleep while he narrates a very unusual story about a Black Diamond, a diamond that has been on earth for thousands of years with power to transfer good and evil energy to whomever possesses it.


Professor Adam Wesley soon takes center stage and as the story unfolds the professor discovers the history of the Black Diamond and for more than forty years tracks it and along his travels he meets a variety of historical people some very into the occult, superstition and sorcery, all of them eventually they all fall prey to the Black Diamond’s power. 



The main story is captivating enough but frankly the first chapters were too weird for me, too much fantasy for my taste. Once the core of the story started and Adam Wesley came into the picture the narration became far more intriguing. Although still highly fictional it has just enough truth and history to make it interesting. The plotting gets very intense as we follow Wesley tracking down the Diamond over a span of many years while he faces figures that made history such as Rasputin, FDR, Himmler and many more. The novel is well written, very ambitious and allows us to connect to the characters through their development. 


This novel is different to the genre I usual read but I must admit to have enjoyed it quite a lot.