"The Nightmare", by Lars Kepler

The Nightmare - Lars Kepler

Book 2, in the Detective Inspector Joona Linna series

This is another nail-biting mystery with chase after chase and tense situation that keeps coming at every pages or so. This second complex installment looks into two bizarre deaths, one being of Carl Palmcrona, the general director of the National inspectorate of Strategic Products overseeing military exports found hanged at his home and the other of Penelope Fernandez found dead on a drifting boat. 

And voilà, Linna detective extraordinaire is on the scene and after one look he knows what happened. He delves into the cases and crosses paths with a professional killer and a sadistic businessman involved in a scheme with horrific international consequences. During the 500 pages we have countess red-herring and exceptionally nasty criminal behavior. The mystery weaves an intricate web of motives and manipulation as its action escalates into pulse-pounding rescue missions and reveals a trail of corruption linking the wealthiest and most connected families in Europe to vicious war crimes in Sudan.

I liked this clever piece of fiction even with some of the foul language and sexual references and its weird and long cast characters. I am looking forward to the sequel “The Fire Witness”.