"Lady Francesca's Legacy", by Stephen Wharfe

Lady Francesca's Legacy - Stephen Wharfe

Mr.Wharfe’s first novel is a good hunk of a novel, approximately 445 pages long but in no means a taxing read. The saga is an interesting exploration of five interesting and intriguing women who lived in England during the turbulent years of the first half of the twentieth century.

The story features: Francesca Gonzales, Elizabeth Forbes (the Matriarch), Hannah (Francesca’s daughter), Olivia (Hannah’s daughter) and Siobhan O’Gara.

The story is written in the similar style to a Harlequin’s romance novel, it covers the background of each individual, their home life and their destiny. Along the way a must in these types of novels is romance, here, we do have a tad of it from time to time but do not expect lust or love to be at the forefront you will be rather disappointed. In a simple language, the storyline moves and intertwines the many backgrounds smoothly and keeps a slow and steady pace throughout. The author made it easy to follow the many characters by gradually introducing them and keeping them active throughout the saga. My preferred part was the last 100 pages or so when Olivia, the proverbial child from hell, becomes an asset during WW11 and joins the resistance in France. Although some additional proofreading and editing could have enhanced the presentation, the book is nevertheless a good start for the author, one that could only improve with time.