"The Hidden Light of Mexico", by Carmen Amato

The Hidden Light of Mexico City - Carmen Amato
This is a wonderful fiction, a sort of Cinderella story in disguise. Through her words Ms. Amato rich narrative draws a picture of the Mexico’s society and how its Caste System has had an impact on every aspect of life. The story illustrates how this inequality has given strength to the drug cartels, fosters a culture of corruption and made people take risk to escape to the United States. 

The main players are Luz de Maria Alba Mora, a poor house maid sometime artist, and Eduardo “Eddo” Cortez Castillo, a rich Mexico City attorney. Opposite as can be on the echelon of society, Maria and Eddo unexpected and vulnerable relationship can only be a liability for a high profile attorney. It soon comes to the forefront when Eddo investigates links between the Minister for Public Security and one of the most elusive drug cartel leaders and definitely not a good time to uncover a political double-cross fueled by drug money. 

This story is a mixed of fairy tale romance between Maria and Eddo and high suspense when Eddo follows the money trail deep into the underworld of Mexico’s drug culture. We have many exciting chases and some violent scenes in alternate chapters but we also have many tender moments. This is definitely a character and dialogue driven thriller.

“The Hidden Light of Mexico City” is a quality novel written with passion, has a polish prose, a beautiful style, great characterization and above all an excellent and creative plot that sounds authentic. I must admit being hooked from the start and engaged till the very end. Well done Ms. Amato can’t wait to read the “Cliff-Diver”..