"Bailin", by Linton Robinson

Bailin' - Linton Robinson
This is definitely a unique story with apparently lots of humour well I guess I have a lousy sense of it. I was not able to grasp the essence of the story, where it was leading to and simply thought it was due to poor writing (too much slang) and a lousy plot, well apparently I am totally out in the left field since many have expressed the opposite. This Bonny and Clyde à la 21st century was not able to tickle my fancy in the first few pages and upheld my full attention subsequently, although I did manage with great patience to read it to the last page hoping everything will gel eventually, it never did. In retrospect, this romantic western crime comedy was without any doubt not meant for me I should have read between lines and paid more attention to the synopsis before tackling it.

Let me be fair to the writer, he is after all a professional writer with a fertile imagination and great capability to simulate particular accents, those who can understand the nuance will most likely enjoy it. This book is a crime lite set in Texas and features lovebirds doing just fine shooting up South Texas and making hair-rising getaway and eventually getting over their head with real robbers and crooked politicians, mixed up with an embezzler nerd, a grizzled bounty hunter, wild bikers, etc. This is a caper like you never read before narrated in a southern drawl with plenty of local slang. It has unique twists along the way and cock-eyed romance to entertain. Some may find the writing to be rich and spunky and have amazing characterization unfortunately I fail to see this….. Well my lost.