"The Wild Beasts of Wuhan", by Ian Hamilton

The Wild Beasts of Wuhan: An Ava Lee Novel - Ian Hamilton

Book 3, in the Ava Lee Mystery

“The Wild Beasts of Wuhan” brings Ava, a forensic accountant and martial expert to the glamorous underworld of art forgery. This quick-witted, pure class and sexy Chinese Canadian sweetheart is savouring in the opening of this installment the good weather with her family on a Caribbean cruise near Curacao. When Uncle called in an urgent favour, Wong Changxing, one of the most powerful men in China, is livid after discovering his collection of Fauvist painting are forgeries. He has mandated them to get his money back.

With the help of her mentor, Ava traces the provenance of the meticulously forged paintings to Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Dublin, New York and London. She infiltrates prestigious auction houses and uncovers a massive web of corruption. As in the previous books, Ava and her client see things in a total different scope, this time she faces the meddling May Ling, Wong’s manipulative wife, who threatens to interfere in the investigation…

This is another great caper although not as exciting as the two previous. It has far less action and by far more hopping around: lot of plane flights, hotels stays, restaurants meals, and clothes shopping…etc. This aside, the plot is nevertheless, an entertaining dip into the worlds of artistic trickery and as Ava worked through all the clues, we have a tad of suspense for our entertainment. This time around, Ava never seems to be in great danger, no mucking about, no risking life and limb and no kick ass…..all missing incentives to make it a pulse racer. Having said this, I still was hooked from the start and simply zipped through it in no time. Mr. Hamilton has won my heart with this series and looking forward to any of Ava Lee’s escapades.