"The Intercept", by Dick Wolfe

The Intercept: A Jeremy Fisk Novel - Dick Wolf

Book 1, in the Jeremy Fisk series

Right from the opening pages it is evident that this well-known producer specializes in crime dramas. His debut novel is part police procedural and part a ticking bomb thriller and it is of no surprise that this whole experience felt like reading a screenplay with all the bells and whistles, a very visual encounter one with all the hallmark of the TV program “Law & Order”.

Here are the highlights: 

Jeremy Fisk is an NYPD officer who works in the Intelligence Division to combat terrorism. When a terror attempt on a commercial flight is disrupted days before July 4, when One World Trade Center is set to be dedicated, Fisk and partner Krina Gersten work to figure out who was behind the attack and what they might be planning next.

Further thoughts:

Although the theme may be far from being original, it provides nevertheless an entertaining story. I presume this confidant novel will surely make it to the top of the best seller list. Mr. Wolf prose is tight and we are given short and sharp chapters with plenty of action and few red herrings. The characters are as varied as they come and should appeal to most. This well-crafted, multi layered plot is heavily depending on its dialogue for impact and it excels in doing so. This book held me captive on roller-coaster ride of suspense, intrigue and action till its last page. I am looking forward to the next installment.