"Betty and the Naked Ladies", by Phyllis Smallman

Bitty And The Naked Ladies (The Sherri Travis Mystery Series)  - Phyllis Smallman

A Short Sherri Travis Mystery

I am not particularly fond of short story they are a big tease and usually leave you flat. I would normally pass them but since I am a big fan of this author and hate to miss any of her work even teasers. So here I am reading this one while waiting for my partner to meet me for our afternoon hike. 

This 16 pages story is to the point, nicely writing but too short for any intrigues, not bad if you want a sample but for an avid reader not good at all…I want more…..but again if it is free or borrowed why not read it….

The product description says:

Some crimes are perfect. Greed leads Sherri into temptation and delivers her to evil.