"The Eagle's Plume" by Gerard de Marigny

The Eagle's Plume (Archangel, Mission Log #1) - Gerard de Marigny, Lisa de Marigny

Archangel: Mission Log # 1

This is the debut novella introducing a new series where Scipio, a character from the Cris De Niro Thriller series branches out as an advisor to the U.S. military on security protocols in Afghanistan.

His first outing doesn't go smooth at all. As soon as he arrives at Chapman Airfield he witnesses a terrorist attack and Scipio soon discovers that a former Taliban leader has returned and is plotting a major strike against a high profile American target…..

Fans of the Cris De Niro and the Watchman Agency will recognized Mr. de Marigny’s unique style one that expertly fills page after page with spectacular action and hot suspense. Not a breather at all during the 113 pages of the book’s length. Yes small but intense, well writing to captivate us, no unnecessary words to fill time and space and a wonderful hero to boot. What else do we want…