"The Destiny Secret", by Guy Clinton

The Destiny Secret - Guy M. Clinton

(Second Edition)

The book is a fast paced thriller designed to get people thinking and talking about where our destiny lies and, where it is dangerous to poke your nose into. Definitely another one of those books not meant for all eyes. 

The story is complex with constant twists and addresses what societies around the world hope for and ask from their leaders but rarely obtain: honest and open government one that will not be victim of greedy manipulators.

This quick read is a cat and mouse game that revolves around a plan to bring America crashing to its knees by implementing a clever plot that targets the foundation that support Law and Order and rendering it ineffective to arrest the perpetrators. The plot is chilling and frighteningly plausible. Some events outline in the book may seem far-fetched but even a cynic like me can realize the possibility. Whether one agrees or not with the author’s viewpoints, it is clear where Mr. Clinton stands and he expresses his thoughts quite a bit throughout the pages. We find a fair amount of characters to keep track of and two protagonists to hold our interest. Even is this subject is covered numerous times in thrillers it still has a touch of originality to it, provides plenty of suspense to captivate us and has an added touch of romance to lighten the mood. It is a good novel if you take it for what it is. 

On a parting note and after reading reviews on this book it seems the second edition may be the best choice.