"Alex Cross, Run", by James Patterson

Alex Cross, Run - James Patterson
Book # 20 in the Alex Cross series

This is by far one of the better stories in this series. It focuses on Alex who has featured in countless of novels and puts him in the heat of the action once more trying to solve three hot puzzles of a crime at once. This novel is quite captivating and once I opened it, I was immediately hooked and I simply let myself go along with the adventure to see what would come of it. It has been a long time since I was so captivated in an Alex Cross escapade. I am not surprised this one had a spot on the bestsellers list for many weeks. Anyways it gets high marks from me:).

Mr. Patterson shines in managing the many suspenseful moments and expertly switches perspectives again and again, from stalker to killer to Cross. He writes in his usual way, the first person style when Cross is narrating and in the third with his other characters. The plot is written with precision and is neatly wrapped up, definitely attributes of a master storyteller. Mr. Patterson trademark is front and center: short chapters, a nice balance between Cross’s personal and professional lives, intriguing crimes for the protagonist to solve and complex subplots that do not necessary end well. Well rounded characterization and a jaw-dropper of a conclusion leaving the door open for a subsequent installment. I really can say Mr. Patterson’s pen was in tip top shape…… 

In a nut shell the mystery in this installment is this:

Cross is tasked with investigating two very different sets of serial killings that are taking place in the Washington area.

At the same time, he is targeted by a stalker, an anonymous blogger who seems to have a grudge against the D.C. Police Department in general and Cross in particular, his main goal is to ruin Cross’s life. 

Meanwhile, there is a problem at Cross’s home involving his foster child, Ava.

In conclusion, this novel is an electrifying read that held me captive from start to finish.